Co-Founder : tech startup

Mobile with cloud platform, helping people in daily life.

CTO : strategy, innovation

Mostly identifying and building innovation into products. Innovative ideas allow companies to stand out, naturally.

Engineering : whiteboards, ideas, discussion, proof of concept, iteration

The engineering function is where we forge new ideas, infrastructure design, prototypes. As Operations becomes less manual and Architecture ceases to work well within an Agile approach, Engineering is where advances are made.

The key skill is engineering for today, and also for the things you can’t yet see.

DevOps : Jenkins, pipelines, Ansible, python, Git, Jira, Slack, cloud

Improving the speed of product development is what DevOps is all about. With an understanding of the balance between fast feature development and stability, we engineer tools, practices, and workflows towards the continuous delivery end of the scale.

Devops is the engine room, which engineering tries to improve through automation.

Automation : Ansible, module development, python

Repeatable and predictable is a core benefit of automation. Typos, poor password choice, and not quite getting round to it, are things that only humans suffer from. Automating infrastructure tasks removes risk and improves security.

The more work that can be automated, the more time can be spent engineering improvements in automation.