Wanted: Avant-Garde CEO

Role Description

I had this crazy idea, to build a tech company that sustains itself.
This means trying to build better, rather than faster.
Spend more time going in the right direction.
Less haste, less waste.

Your challenge is to build a nano company with giga reach.
Success will be a handful of us serving millions of users.
Success will also be a strong brand built organically.

How will we get to where we’re going?
Who fits in our nano company, why, and when?
You will develop our strategy, using technology before people to achieve scale.

You will innovate to make us an effective remote-only team.
We must use the advantages of roaming as our super-power.
No foosball table, no motivational messages on the walls, no office.

Can you help us average four hours of work per day?
You will figure out how to measure operational entropy, then avoid it.
Saying no, more often, will help us move faster on the valuable stuff.

One of our few employee metrics measures how often we use our own app in daily life.
We’re making this for us, it should be our best work.
You will ensure we continuously consider our experience as daily users.

We have developed a number of design innovations.
Innovation requires freedom of thought and time, we want more of this.
You will place great value on removing the daily-grind, to give us time to ponder.

This isn’t suitable if Auric Goldfinger is a hero of yours.
If you dream of running Shadaloo, then move right along.

Above all you will be itching to build a company offering a better work-life.
A tech company requiring fewer hours, but returning higher quality work.
Avant-garde, heretical, punk, audacious, you’ll take us on a radical road.

Our ingredients:
Cafes, coffee, cakes, cycling, travel, books, daily life, responsible, sustainable, free time.
Innovation, cutting edge, anti-pattern, purpose, remote working, experiment, think more.
Automation, bots, machine learning, networks, scalable, high performance, testing.
iOS, Android, Python, Swift, Java, Node, Kafka, Redis, Containers, AWS, GCP, Ansible.

Written on February 27, 2020