Upload Zwift Activities to Cycling Analytics

Cycling Analytics published a method for easily uploading Zwift activities. Unfortunately Zwift has evolved, and the method no longer works.

I updated the method, which is a little different but still a lot less hassle than downloading the fit files and then uploading to CA.

What you will need:

To simplify things, I created a video to walk you through it.

But for the hasty, this is the gist of it:

Do These Two Steps Once

Generate the bookmarklet with the new code


Add the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar (replace TOKEN!)


Do These Steps To Upload Each Activity

Go to the settings of an activity you want to upload


Click the bookmarklet you just created, to insert the CA button


Click the SEND TO CA button, it ticks when done


View your ride in Cycling Analytics


For any questions/suggestions Iā€™m on Twitter @thisdougb

Written on March 24, 2020